Turning Ordinary Stories into Extraordinary Movies


Have you ever read a story in the newspaper or magazine and wondered what happened after that newspaper clipping. That's what we do here at Daijah B. Films, we focus on small stories that turn into big events.



Daijah B. Films Inc has the talent to create screenplays from any type of Genre.



Our photography starts with cinematography and location as well as our clients needs.



Our production team work well with our clients to help them bring their projects into reality.

Motion Graphics


Our motion graphics department gives our clients the option to add text to their projects.



We also film any occasion like weddings and birthday parties.



We also help our clients with product placement or full commercials at fraction of the cost normally charged.




We work with our clients to find out what works best for their projects and occasions as well as our own ideas.

We work with the latest preproduction software to give our clients options to make their projects have a unique style.

We pay the up most attention to our clients details on how they want their projects to turn out, our staff is on call 24 hours a day.

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Our Customers Say About Us

"We had fun taking these pictures of my sons on Easter, Demetrius was very professional but fun to work with and my kids loves him. Thanks for the memories" Delorse Brown

Daijah B. Films is working hard to bring original ideas to a broad audience that want to learn about other cultures!